Finance Why Quality Real Estate Agents Need An EARFUL

What transforms a run – of – the – mill, real estate agent, into, a quality professional? Why do some seem to relate better, receive far more respect and adulation, and best serve the needs of their clients and customers, even though, they possess the same training, and, even experience? This article will briefly review and examine, using the mnemonic approach, why the willingness, and ability to objectively listen, and accept, an EARFUL, which make include, both things you hope to hear, as well as others, which may be less favorable. There are so many intangibles to consider, and discover.1. Empathy: Perhaps, the key difference, depends on one’s degree of genuine empathy! Will you prioritize effectively listening, and paying attention to needs, concerns, priorities and perceptions, of your clients and customers, realizing and understanding, what they feel is far more important than what you know? Will you patiently explain things, in terms of the benefits, for them, rather than your personal self – interest?

2. Allegiance: A real estate professional’s obligation, is to the client, he serves and represents. This includes matters, related to finance and fiduciary responsibility, as well as loyalty, allegiance, etc.3. Relevant; realistic; responsive; responsibility: One’s responsibility is to serve his client’s best interest, in a relevant, responsive manner! He must be realistic, in terms of what’s needed and necessary, and act responsibly, at all times!4. Fiduciary/ fiscal; face facts: One should never make empty promises, or use rhetoric, to give his client, any sense of false expectations, because it does not serve the client’s best interests! A quality, professional real estate agent, prompts and urges his client, to realistically face the facts, telling him what he needs to know, not just what he wants to hear (TM). One must never disclose any personal fiscal/ financial matters, related to someone he serves, because his ethical responsibility is to provide fiduciary confidentiality!

5. Useful; unique: Obviously, service should be based on providing useful services and advice. How, and why, are you the agent, someone should hire? What type of unique service, etc, do you provide, and how are you the best choice?6. Listen; learn: You’ll never be providing the finest service, until/ unless, you consistently proceed, forward, with the discipline to effectively listen, to your clients needs and priorities! Learn consistently and continuously, and you’ll become the best agent, you possibly might be!Agents who are willing to pay attention to an EARFUL, have the best chance of becoming, that special type of real estate agent! Are you prepared, ready and willing?